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You can never have too much Cape Cod

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Boating and Kayaking

Boating on the waters of Cape Cod and Kayaking or paddleling the peaceful salt marches, coves, lakes. Come, visit, and explore!

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Car Club Community

Great opportunity to meet car enthusiasts, make new friends who share common interest, respect and passion for car. Yes!! Join the Club. Drive the Cars or just hang out.

life is better at the cape

Waking up to the smell of the sea, greeted by a magnificent view of the vast ocean, stroll on gorgeous white-sand beaches and glorious sunset. 

Upcoming Tours & EVENTS

Looking for adventure, venture to Cape Cod.  You will never have a dull moment.  Cape Cod offers a wide variety of special events, loads of great outdoors activities, beautiful beaches, outstanding cuisine and quaint little villages on the Cape.  Be sure to experience the traditional seaside favorites and freshest seafood.

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